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Our team

'Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.' - Steve Jobs

At Enactus Nottingham, we believe that our team is our best asset. Our members make up our 10 projects that have impacted the lives of over 2'000 people, both locally and internationally.  Whether this impact from opening Nottingham's first social supermarket and surplus food redistribution network, or tackling malnutrition in Uganda,  every single life we impact is because of the passion our members bring to our projects.

All of our members are given meaningful roles within each of their social enterprise projects.  This provides our members with opportunities and real-life experiences during their time in Enactus Nottingham, aiding their personal and professional development. 


Our training

Every member of our team partakes in our own training weekend. This is a two day residential event, consisting of a variety of presentations from guest speakers, practical exercises and problem solving sessions.

Alongside our training weekend, we have regular training sessions with our corporate sponsors. These take place during our weekly meetings.


This training enables us to connect as a team, be the best we can be and consequentially create meaningful, long lasting impact. 

Our Executives


Annabel Mair

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Zayn Ali

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Vice President


Janhavi Kulkarni

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Matthew Thompson

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Operations Director

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Vahini Sivanathan

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Human Resources


Isabella Hatcher

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Human Resources


Melissa Tilney

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Treasurer and Engagement Officer


Gabby Donno

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Marketing Director


Phoebe Thorpe

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Marketing and Social Secretary

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