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Commercial Ventures

Sense Events WHite.png

SENSE Events is a commercial venture that holds events and competitions to help raise money to fund and raise awareness of the Enactus Nottingham projects. The events raise awareness of many sustainable development goals in virtual and in-person spaces, from online FIFA Tournaments to The Great Escape.


The role is based around organising & hosting engaging events, that raises awareness about Enactus Nottingham and our social enterprises. We are looking for a confident, cheerful person that will be a great addition to our team!


Sub-Team Leader

This is a new role, helping to support the Team- Leaders in S.E.N.S.E. Event’s new venture.  Your role will be to oversee and work within the team to achieve the project’s goals. We are looking for someone who has problem-solving skills, a positive attitude and the ability to balance a leadership role whilst also working in a team.

Finance Director

The finance manager will be responsible for planning and managing our financial resources. We are looking for someone who is passionate about our project and is willing to take on the responsibility of sorting the income and expenditures of our venture.

Grants / External Relationship Manager

Marketing & PR 

SENSE Events are looking for someone who is enthusiastic and dedicated to join our team. You will be responsible for organising and running SENSE’s existing fundraising events, with the opportunity to also develop new event ideas. If you have experience or interest  in events planning this role is perfect for you. Most importantly we are looking for passion, creativity and confidence. 


Operations Manager

This is a research-based role. Your role will be to find manufacturers and ensure that we can fulfil our commitments to those who buy from us. We are looking for someone who will be able to evaluate all options and give us a reasonable conclusion. Ideally, candidates will have good analytical skills and be able to communicate well with potential suppliers.

Public Relations Manager

The role will consist of working with local businesses, finding sponsors for the events we run, as well as working closely with our local Nottingham community to help market our events. We are looking for a confident enthusiastic applicant, with good communication skills and the ability to plan future events.

Product Designer

The role is part of our new merchandising sub team. You will be an integral voice in designing and trialling our new Enactus merchandise range. We are looking for someone who can show a good understanding of our consumers wants and needs, as well balancing our financial interests in collaboration with our finance manager. We are looking for a creative individual who can communicate, collaborate, and cooperate closely with other members of our team.


Supply Chain & Strategy

This role consists of working closely with the operations director. Responsibilities include managing the overall strategy of our venture, whilst also overseeing the supply chain and ensuring that our goals are met. We are looking for someone who works well in a team and has the ability to communicate with various people both inside and outside Enactus.

U-Cycle logo.png

U-cycle is the University of Nottingham's official bike rental company, offering good quality, reliable bikes to students and staff all year round. Bicycles are a cheaper, greener, and healthier mode of transport than other forms, making them the best option for student transport. Swapping from taking the bus to renting a U-cycle bike emits around 80% less carbon dioxide each year, meaning U-Cycle helps to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions released into the atmosphere. They offer two rental schemes, per semester or annum, with the funds going towards Enactus Nottingham's social enterprises that create a sustainable and lasting impact on communities.

Human Resources

Operations Director

As an essential member of our team, the responsibilities of the operations director role include: maintaining contact with our customers via email, monitoring our social media accounts to assist our marketing team, interacting with potential business partners, and conducting in-person transactions with our customers.

While previous experience is prefered it is not a necessity, it is more important for this individual to have interest in our vision and ability to create a positive social impact.


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Marketing Director

The key responsibilities of U-Cycle’s marketing team are overseeing and creating content for all social media platforms, thus conducting market research to find different audiences to target.


Our main goal this year is to further build a strong brand reputation through doing collaborations with other projects in Enactus and around Nottingham. As a team we want to create a larger brand awareness through potential giveaways, polls, reels on our socials.


International Projects


Empower aims to produce and sell reusable sanitary towels across the UK. The majority of disposable sanitary towels are 90% plastic, so they want to offer a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative. Through the education programme they are currently developing and their social media, they want to help end the stigma against periods. They also want to teach their audience about becoming more sustainable.

Marketing Manager

The marketing team member is responsible for overseeing and developing marketing campaigns, conducting research and analysing social media impression data and defining audiences. You will also maintain the Empower website and keep the team up to date with data analytics. Creativity and organisation is valued in this role.

Communications Manager

We are looking for an experienced, creative individual who is passionate for the causes of female empowerment, breaking down stigmas related to menstruation, and the environmental advantages of promoting our sustainable menstrual products to support our current social media officer. Experience in using social media platforms in a professional manner is preferred, as these channels will be our main point of call for sharing information. Responsibilities will include research for content, designing attractive and engaging posts and improving outreach. This person will also be leading the website design.

Finance Director

This person will be responsible for planning and managing our financial resources, which will become increasingly important as we are moving towards building our website and getting our products on the market. Ideally this person will also be passionate about our project and willing to take on the responsibility of organising the future costs and income of Empower, as well as helping to set up links with charities.


Nutrigreens is a social enterprise that aims to tackle issues of malnutrition in Uganda through the provision of microgreens. Microgreens are harvested after two weeks of growing, containing up to 40 times more nutrients than a typical fully-grown vegetable and require approximately 150 times less water to produce. Thus, microgreens are a sustainable and efficient way of combatting malnutrition due to their small size and volume of resources needed to grow them. Nutrigreens aim to provide education on nutrition and the environment to school children and introduce microgreens to the African market to combat issues of malnutrition that arise from the mainly cereal-based diet.

Marketing Director

We are looking to appoint an enthusiastic and creative Marketing Manager to join our team. This role includes working closely with our Marketing team on our social media, but focuses primarily on our website and physical marketing. Responsibilities will include creating educational weekly posts with our marketing team and conducting market research.

Strategy Project Manager

We are looking to appoint an enthusiastic and creative Marketing Manager to join our team. This role includes working closely with our Marketing team on our social media, but focuses primarily on our website and physical marketing. Responsibilities will include creating educational weekly posts with our marketing team and conducting market research.


Public Relations 

We are looking for an individual with excellent people skills and the confidence to communicate and create relationships with current and potential business partners. We are at a stage in the project where we are getting ready to sell our microgreens to restaurants, and so having a PR member who can keep in contact with the restaurants would be very beneficial to our project.


International Partner Relations

This role includes creating and maintaining partnerships with people and organisations internationally who will be advantageous to our project. Responsibilities consist of meetings with our project manager in Uganda and also with prospective partners. This is a crucial role in the project as it helps grow the progress of our project internationally and therefore brings us closer to achieving our goal of reducing micronutrient malnutrition in schoolchildren.

International Finance Manager

We are looking to recruit an international finance manager who will be responsible for planning and managing our financial resources in Uganda, which is an important part of the project as we begin to grow and sell microgreens to Ugandan restaurants. Ideally this person will also be passionate about our project and willing to take on the responsibility of sorting the income and expenditures of our venture.


Local Projects

Altrua - Clear Background.png

The Project Formerly Known as Altrua - Rebranded to BioBust


Join our brand new project and help us decrease food waste. We are working towards achieving SDG goals 4, 12, 13 aiming to improve our climate via responsible consumption and educate future generations on the importance of sustainability. 

We found 1/3rd of food goes to waste and this contributes 10% of global greenhouse gasses. It is a specific problem in Nottingham because the council does not provide alternative disposable methods for food that diverts waste away from landfill. Our concept is to follow the bokashi compost method and turn food waste from our University halls into nutrient rich compost and fertiliser to sell onto students. In the long term we would like to market bokashi classes to local youth groups and raise awareness.

Your role in our team will be pivotal in helping us implement our project and hopefully see a long term impact in the Nottingham community. The next steps in our project are branding and creating a prototype on University grounds so we can study the bokashi method.


You will help us scientifically analyse the Bokashi method and oversee the Bokashi prototype. Your role will be important to see how feasible our idea is in regards to time frame and if it is possible to scaleup, using your analysis is essential to the potential impact the project could have at improving our sustainability. If you are interested in research and are passionate about limiting food waste then this is the role for you.


Finance Director

Manage grants, oversees all the transactions in regards to the prototype and expenses to buy the Bokashi equipment. Also required to write reports to the estates team detailing what the project needs etc. If you are passionate about managing the finances whilst a project is upscaling, helping the team budget future costs and potential income for the team, then this is the role for you.


General Advisor

As a new project we are yet to understand the full needs of our project as our business model will be changing to fit the best market. As your role you would be required to consult with team members and be flexible to take charge of new developing roles such as marketing. If you are passionate sustainability and maximising the impact of our project, then this is the role for you.


Ecologeco is a social enterprise that aims to reduce the amount of methane produced by the agricultural industry. They aim to do this by implementing a seaweed supplement into livestocks' diet, which will reduce the amount of methane produced during enteric fermentation. They aim to provide consumers with the option of sustainable meat consumption without having to adopt significant dietary changes.

Marketing Director

We are searching for a creative individual to join our passionate team of students as a marketing manager. This role will give you full creative freedom to showcase your artistic abilities by handling our social media pages and our project website. Responsibilities may also involve conducting consumer research and devising initiatives to raise environmental awareness. Previous marketing experience is an added advantage but not compulsory as we value willingness to learn and commitment above all else.

Business Operations Manager

We are searching for an enthusiastic individual to join our passionate team of students as a business operations manager. As our business is still between its development and implementation stage, this role will involve establishing our seaweed supply chain, organising logistics, developing business operations to grow our seaweed supplement sustainably, and may also include communicating with suppliers. You will be working closely with our existing operations team members and the supplement development sub team. Ideally we are looking for someone with excellent organisational, communication and problem-solving skills. Previous experience relating to operations is an added advantage but not compulsory as we value willingness to learn and commitment above all else.

Foodprint - Clear Backround.png

Foodprint is a multi-award-winning social enterprise, backed by grants from the National Lottery, Cascade, Nottingham City Council and Ingenuity. As a physical shop located in Sneinton, we aim to run operations 50 weeks of the year, where we redistribute a tonne of surplus food a week and impact 500 people in the Sneinton and St Ann’s community.

Store Operations Manager

At the heart of our physical shop in Sneinton, this person will be at the forefront of ensuring the best experience for our customers, partners and volunteers. We are looking for someone passionate about low-waste retail and customer service.


This person must be well organised, creative and willing to go the extra mile to improve the customer experience. Working alongside the existing Operations Sub-Team Leader and Volunteer Development Manager, you will be innovating our shop and processes. Day-to-day responsibilities include managing our recurring expenses and costs, ensuring we are a low-waste organisation and maintaining our customer relationships. If you’re interested in operations, the customer experience and have a drive to make tangible change, this is the role for you!

Supply Chain & Projects Manager

Responsible for managing our relationship with suppliers and tracking our incoming stock, this person should be proactive and able to make quick decisions. Sitting in our Business Operations Sub-Team, this is a new role which is a mix between a supply and finance role. An ability to take initiative and make decisions is important as our stock varies week-on-week. A passion for the environment and surplus food is important as that is why Foodprint is here! This role will also have an integral part in creating and maintaining our pricing structure.

Redistribution Operation Manager

This role is all about community and partner relations! We work with a wide variety of other small organisations in Nottingham, and we want to make sure we cultivate and nurture those relationships. We are looking for a people person who is enthusiastic about voluntary and community groups. You will be in charge of managing redistribution of surplus food to maximise Foodprint’s social impact, including via our partner social eating projects and sustainable waste solutions like composting. This person will also be responsible for spending grant funding relating to community groups or tackling child poverty.

Foodprint on Wheels 
Operations & Volunteer Manager

At the forefront of Foodprint’s expansion with our mobile supermarket ‘Foodprint on Wheels’, this role encapsulates what it means to run a social enterprise. Backed by grants from the National Lottery and Cascade, our fully functional mobile supermarket aims to take food to those in isolated communities in Nottingham.

This is a new, hands-on role within a fast-paced and exciting team, which includes a range of responsibilities, from running shifts and training volunteers, to organising effective routes and logistics. If you are passionate about our mission, are forward-thinking and work well in a team, this is the role for you. A driving license and availability to attend shifts is desirable.

Volunteer Development Manager

As the first point of contact with our volunteers, this team member must be a real people person who works to empower our large volunteer base to deliver on Foodprint’s objectives. Volunteers are at the heart of Foodprint’s operations, and this team member is their primary contact responsible for their training and development. Working within our existing HR team you will manage communication between the volunteers and our internal team to enable them to gain valuable skills and experience. Day-to-day tasks include managing shift rotas, inducting and advertising for new volunteers, and dealing with queries, concerns and feedback from volunteers.


We are a relatively new project, which has not started operations yet. So, we are welcome to people bringing new ideas for the project. We want those who are looking for the responsibility and challenge to get the project up and running.

Web Developer

We are looking for someone to maintain and update the Razoration website. When we start operations, we hope to take payments from our Wix website and will need someone to set up and manage this function. You will be working closely with a marketing team member. We want our website to be user-focused and guide customers to complete a sale.

A keen visual eye for design would be useful. Previous experience managing websites is desirable as are programming languages HTML, CSS and Javascript. We are also looking for someone with enthusiasm for our project and goals, ready to share new ideas.

Finance Director 

We are looking to start trading soon. So, we need someone to look after bookkeeping, budgeting for expenses and forecasting sales. We want our project to be financially sustainable and scalable. You will work closely with marketing and operations.

You need to be comfortable with data and numbers. Strategic and numerical thinking are needed, as is logical problem-solving. Excel skills are desirable. We are open to your new ideas, but we are also counting on you to ensure our ideas are realistic by thinking about our bottom line.

Operations Manager

We need someone to help us set up our business operations. We will be starting to trade our sustainable shampoo bars to raise funds for our beneficiaries. You will help to order, organise deliveries and organise packaging. You will be working closely with our existing operations team member to achieve a smooth operation.

You will need to be practical, a creative problem solver who can work to a budget. You will work out how to run operations sustainably. As we have not started to implement our project yet, this role will also be a general secretary role, so you need to be enthusiastic to deal with new problems as they arise.

Business Advisor

We are looking for someone to make sure our business is a success. You will be doing market research and ensuring our services meet a demand. You will be contacting and building a relationship with beneficiaries and partners, i.e those affected by homelessness and those who work in homelessness services.

You will need to be commercially minded as well as empathetic to beneficiaries and customers. You will need great communication skills, empathy, listening skills and business acumen.  We will be relying on you to ensure our social enterprise meets a social need.