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Applications are Open

We do not require ANY experience and are welcome students from ALL years and ALL disciplines, who are passionate about improving the lives of others through social enterprise. 


Scroll down to find out what roles our Local and Commercial projects are recruiting for. 

Visit our project pages and social media channels to learn more about Enactus Nottingham.

Got any questions? Fill in our contact us form or message us on instagram (@enactusnotts) and we will be happy to help. 

Application Process: 

  • Application Form 

  • Interview 

  • Group Session

  • Join the Team!

Commercial Ventures


Colouria is an innovation project, aiming to tackle water wastage in textile dyeing by using pigments produced by live bacteria to dye fabric.

Sense Events WHite.png

SENSE Events is a commercial venture that holds events and competitions to help raise money to fund and raise awareness of the Enactus Nottingham projects. The events raise awareness of many sustainable development goals in virtual and in-person spaces, from online FIFA Tournaments to The Great Escape.


Mint is a multimedia education platform aimed at teaching university and secondary school students about how to manage their finances. Mint is here to support the next generation and inspire more young people to start their financial journey.

Purpose For Plastics Logo_edited.png

Purpose for Plastics is an innovation project, which uses injection modelling to reduce plastic waste by repurposing plastic bottle lids into new products.

Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 15.30.49.png

SuitUp provides affordable, high-quality workwear for students through community donations and partnerships, promoting sustainability and professional representation.

Sabriel Capital Logo .png

Sabriel Capital is a student led ESG equity fund which is affiliated with Enactus Nottingham. As apart of our mission we have created an education space for students to gain experience in investing and trading.

Local Projects


Nutrigreens is a social enterprise aiming to tackle malnutrition. They have created an interactive 'Healthy Future Resource Pack' to educate and empower young children. Funds raised from selling the resource pack will be used to provide children in Uganda with micronutrient supplements.


Empower is tackling period poverty by producing sustainable, reusable sanitary pads and encouraging a safe space for a conversation surrounding menstruation through an innovative education programme and pad-making workshops.


Ecologeco is a social enterprise that aims to reduce the amount of methane produced by the agricultural industry. They aim to do this by implementing a seaweed supplement into livestocks' diet, which will reduce the amount of methane produced during enteric fermentation. They aim to provide consumers with the option of sustainable meat consumption without having to adopt significant dietary changes.


Razoration is a social enterprise with the vision to eradicate poverty in the UK through equipping homeless individuals with employable skills to enhance their job prospects, bringing them out of poverty and improving their standard of living.

U-Cycle logo.png

U-Cycle is the University of Nottingham's official bike rental scheme. It is one of our commercial ventures, so its profits are used to support the finances of our other social enterprises.

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