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Applications are open.

We do not require ANY experience and are welcome students from ALL years and ALL disciplines, who are passionate about improving the lives of others through social enterprise. 


Scroll down to find out what roles our Local and Commercial projects are recruiting for. 

Visit our project pages and social media channels to learn more about Enactus Nottingham.

Got any questions? Fill in our contact us form or message us on instagram (@enactusnotts) and we will be happy to help. 

Applications close at Midnight on Tuesday the 11th of October.

Application Process: 

  • Application Form 

  • Interview 

  • Group Session

  • Join the Team!

Click here to get the application form!

Commercial Ventures

Colouria is an innovation project, aiming to tackle water wastage in textile dyeing by using pigments produced by live bacteria to dye fabric.


Digital Marketing Manager

As a relatively new project, we’re looking for a person who is dedicated to constructing a social media presence that follows the brand’s identity. In charge of also curating our website and designing campaigns along with the rest of the marketing team. We’re in need of a creative individual, that will actively bring new ideas to the table in order to grow the brand and reach more customers.

Research Scientist

If you’re a passionate individual with some background in lab procedures and knowledge of biology, or just someone looking to challenge themselves and explore a more scientific side of business with no prior experience, then this is the role for you. We’re looking for an enthusiastic team-member that will be involved in conducting and analysing various experiments to research sustainability in the dyeing process of textiles and its potential commercial outputs.

Sense Events WHite.png

SENSE Events is a commercial venture that holds events and competitions to help raise money to fund and raise awareness of the Enactus Nottingham projects. The events raise awareness of many sustainable development goals in virtual and in-person spaces, from online FIFA Tournaments to The Great Escape.

Team Leader

We are looking for an enthusiastic team leader to be responsible for monitoring and supervising the team. You will be responsible for providing guidance, instruction, and leadership skills to inspire the team to create innovative and fun events that increase awareness about Enactus Nottingham. We are looking for someone who has a passion for fundraising and is able to organise any type of event.

Event Co-ordinator

We are looking for a passionate individual who can organise and host events that will raise funds for Enactus Nottingham's social enterprises. You will be responsible for every aspect of the event, from venues to evaluating the success of the event afterwards. The goal is to organise memorable events that will ensure the entertainment of participants and to raise awareness of Enactus Nottingham's social projects.

Purpose For Plastics Logo_edited.png

Purpose for Plastics is an innovation project, which uses injection modelling to reduce plastic waste by repurposing plastic bottle lids into new products.

Operations Manager 

The goal of our project is to create a long term sustainable positive impact. Your role will include forming and cultivating relationships with Enactus partners and local schools to both raise awareness of the impacts of plastic pollution and inform them of the solution our project offers. The perfect candidate for this role will be engaging, organised and proactive.The goal of our project is to create a long term sustainable positive impact. Your role will include forming and cultivating relationships with Enactus partners and local schools to both raise awareness of the impacts of plastic pollution and inform them of the solution our project offers. The perfect candidate for this role will be engaging, organised and proactive.


You will be essential to promoting our projects services and products primarily executed through social media marketing campaigns. A key role will be to manage the projects social media profiles and spearhead posting content that are focused with plastic sustainability and key issues with plastic pollution.

Finance Manager

You will be responsible for all financial aspects of the project, tasked with developing budgets and monitoring transaction as the project continues to grow and evolve.

Local Projects


Nutrigreens is a social enterprise aiming to tackle malnutrition. They have created an interactive 'Healthy Future Resource Pack' to educate and empower young children. Funds raised from selling the resource pack will be used to provide children in Uganda with micronutrient supplements.

Marketing Director

This position is critical in assisting us in promoting and selling our services to customers. Our marketing director must have the ability to lead and influence how the Nutrigreens brand appears and feels in the market.

The role includes creating educational posts based on nutrition and Ugandan children for social media platforms and updating our website to correlate with our current aims. We’re looking for an individual capable of building a bigger picture to make it clear why what we’re doing in the project is so important.

Team Leader

The role of team leader involves being confident to take charge of new situations and creating an inspirational team atmosphere with an open communication culture, whilst defining clear team goals. The role also consists of delegating tasks, setting deadlines, providing support to ensure that the team delivers, monitoring any issues, and ensuring production targets.

Student Dietitian

The role of a dietitian in this project is fundamental as this project is focused on children of a different culture; it is more complex than just providing them nutritious foods. Dietetic course students learn about the nutritional problems African populations face, and the many complexities involved, so they have a better understanding of what nutritional interventions are culturally appropriate than other students. A student dieticians’ knowledge and passion will be valued greatly at Nutrigreens.


Empower is tackling period poverty by producing sustainable, reusable sanitary pads and encouraging a safe space for a conversation surrounding menstruation through an innovative education programme and pad-making workshops.

Social Media

We are looking for an experienced, creative individual who is passionate for the causes of female empowerment, breaking down stigmas related to menstruation, to support our current social media officer. Experience in using social media platforms in a professional manner is preferred, as these channels will be our main point of call for sharing information. Responsibilities will include research for content, designing attractive and engaging posts, and improving outreach. This person will also be leading the website design.

Operations and Partnerships Director

This role will become increasingly important as we finalise our education program. This person's role will include maintaining contact with potential partners. The perfect person for the role will be highly organised, pro-active and confident in engaging with our customers, partners and suppliers.

Finance Manager

This person will be responsible for planning and managing our financial resources, which will become increasingly important as we start our workshops. Ideally this person will also be passionate about our project and willing to take on the responsibility of organising the future costs and income of Empower, with an interest in taking on future partnerships with charities.


Ecologeco is a social enterprise that aims to reduce the amount of methane produced by the agricultural industry. They aim to do this by implementing a seaweed supplement into livestocks' diet, which will reduce the amount of methane produced during enteric fermentation. They aim to provide consumers with the option of sustainable meat consumption without having to adopt significant dietary changes.


This role will give you freedom to showcase your artistic abilities by handling our social media pages, website and other marketing initiatives. Responsibilities may change depending on the development of the project. Previous experience is not required but is preferred – we value the ability to work as a team and having a creative mindset above all else.

Business Operations

This role will involve establishing our seaweed supply chain, organising logistics, developing business operations to grow our seaweed supplement sustainably, and may also include communicating with suppliers. You will be working closely with both the supplement development and finance team. We are looking for someone with excellent organisational, communication and problem-solving skills. Previous experience is not required but is preferred - we value the ability to work as a team and having a creative mindset above all else.


Your main role will revolve around analysing costs for our upcoming trials and testing, handling and tracking expenses, applying for grants, and determining the pricing of our seaweed supplement when our project progresses further. Responsibilities also include the promotion and development of our Methane 'Cow'culator and sponsor a Cow Programme. We are looking for someone with excellent financial literacy, communication, and problem-solving skills. Previous experience is not required but is preferred – we value willingness to learn above all else.

Plant Scientist

You will assist in the search for the perfect seaweed supplement to add to ruminants’ diet, and be involved with scientific trials. You will be working within our supplement development team, who work alongside operations to communicate with suppliers and our partners. Previous experience is not required; however, you must be willing to work to improve your understanding. What is essential is excellent communication as well as team-working and problem-solving abilities

Ideally we are looking for someone who has a scientific background, but this is not essential, as long as you are willing to work to improve your understanding. What is essential is excellent communication; team-working skills and problem solving abilities.


Razoration aims to help the homeless into employment. We will be selling sustainable razors in local barber shops. Profits will fund work experience for homeless individuals in those shops. We will be working with another Enactus team to supply us with the razor handles, made from recycled plastic. We hope to work with BIC, an Enactus partner, who will supply us with the razors. We will combine the razors and sustainable handles to create our product. We are working with homeless shelters and local barbers to determine their interest in this scheme. 

We will also be selling shampoo bars in local shops to raise more revenue. These are a sustainable alternative to using plastic bottles.

Public Relations

We are looking for a new member to aid with PR and communications with partners. This may include contacting local zero waste shops to stock our sustainable shampoo bars, building relationships with partners, and exploring potential new partners to collaborate with.

Finance Manager 

You will help us set up our business operations where we will be selling our sustainable shampoo bars to raise funds for our beneficiaries. You will help to order and organise deliveries and packaging. You will also aid in working out the logistics of selling the razors, which may involve contacting and negotiating with local barbers.

Skills needed: practical, creative, problem solving, people skills, and organisation.

Social Media

We are looking for another person to run our social media accounts. This will involve increasing our current presence on Instagram and LinkedIn, and launching Razoration on TikTok as well! No previous experience required, just somebody who will be committed and passionate.

U-Cycle logo.png

U-Cycle is the University of Nottingham's official bike rental scheme. It is one of our commercial ventures, so its profits are used to support the finances of our other social enterprises.

Finance Manager

This role includes managing expenses, forecasting sales, and budgeting. You will be involved in finalising the pricing for bike rentals, and will be working closely with other members of the team. Strategic and numerical skills are desirable, with communication and problem-solving skills.

PR and Marketing Manager

This role includes managing our connections with suppliers, dealing with current and potential business partners, and keeping in touch with customers. You will also be involved in marketing and working with the team. The ideal candidate for the position will be organised, socially-mobile, and confident while interacting with our partners and customers.


This role includes monitoring our social media, updating our website, organising potential collaborations, and conducting market research. This role is essential to take our project to the next level and help increase awareness for U Cycle. A candidate who has experience is preferred, but not necessary if they show they are creative and passionate.

Operations Manager

This role is essential for our team and is based around inventory management of our fleet of bikes and managing the process of bike rentals with customers. This is important as we start to rent our bikes this year. We prefer a candidate who has some experience, but it is not necessary if they can show their problem solving skills, with excellent communication and organisation.

Operations and Bike Maintenance

As our in-house bike mechanic, you will be managing our fleet of bikes at U-cycle. You will also be involved in operations, with meeting customers before renting out their bike and discussing rentals with potential customers. We’re looking for a candidate who has basic mechanical and engineering skills, as well as bike maintenance knowledge and/or a passion for bikes. An ideal candidate also has good communication and organisation skills.

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