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Our projects

Local Projects

Foodprint logo - sqaure.png


Tackling food waste and food insecurity through Nottingham’s first social supermarket and a surplus food redistribution network.



Equipping homeless individuals with employable skills to enhance their job prospects, bringing them out of poverty and improving their standard of living.



Reducing methane emissions through feeding livestock seaweed, to decrease the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.



Nutrigreens is a social enterprise aiming to tackle malnutrition. They have created an interactive 'Healthy Future Resource Pack' to educate and empower young children. Funds raised from selling the resource pack will be used to provide children in Uganda with micronutrient supplements.

Empower Logo Clear.png


Empower is tackling period poverty by producing sustainable, reusable sanitary pads and encouraging a safe space for a conversation surrounding menstruation through an innovative education programme and pad-making workshops.

Commerical Ventures

U-Cycle - Clear Backround.png


Encouraging an active, environmentally friendly lifestyle that contributes towards the health and well-being of our academic community through affordable bike rental services.

Sense Events WHite.png

SENSE Events

Creating a ‘S.E.N.S.E.’ of community while raising money to provide a financial grounding for Enactus Nottingham’s social enterprises.



Colouria is an innovation project, aiming to tackle water wastage in textile dyeing by using pigments produced by live bacteria to dye fabric.

Purpose For Plastics Logo_edited.png

Purpose for Plastics

Purpose for Plastics is an innovation project, which uses injection modelling to reduce plastic waste by repurposing plastic bottle lids into new products.

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