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Project Nexus

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Project Nexus is Enactus Nottingham's International Commercial Venture Project. Its aim is to fund our 3 international projects - Empower, Harvest Hub and NutriGreens - and increase their sustainability throughout the years.

This commercial venture is in partnership with Sustainable Water, a social business enterprise based in Nottingham and Kenya, whose mission is to solve the water crisis by creating sustainable solar-powered water pumps for farmers, schools and villages in Kenya. To this day, over 20,000 people have been positively impacted by the introduction of sustainable water solutions through our partner.

The aim of our partnership is to source, design and distribute reusable water bottles to all target markets and split the profit towards funding Enactus’ International Projects and Sustainable Water’s business, all the while increasing awareness around the water crisis.

The Sustainable Development Goals which Project Nexus tackle are no poverty, no hunger, good health and well-being, quality education, clean water and sanitation, and affordable and clean energy. 


Project partner Sustainable Water is centred around solving clean water and sanitation, and affordable and Clean Energy Sustainable Development Goals  - by producing solar-powered water pumps and installing them for schools and farmers at an affordable rate. The “Water Nexus” is a term used to define the interlinked sustainable development goals that are solved as a consequence of solving clean water and sanitation. These include no poverty, zero hunger and good health and well being, which are a result of having access to clean water; but also quality education, as children in Kenya are forced to walk the “water walk” to get water from the wells during the day, which means they need to choose between fetching water for their families or getting their primary and secondary education.

Project Nexus will support SW’s goals, as well to utilise the reusable bottles as a means to spread awareness around the water crisis. We also tackle responsible consumption and production, by encouraging the use of reusable metal bottles rather than unsustainable plastic ones, thus reducing plastic waste. Furthermore, we focus on good health and well-being, by promoting water consumption as a fundamental component to everyone’s diet and well-being. Lastly, by striving to increase the sustainability of Enactus Nottingham’s International Projects, we ultimately tackle sustainable cities and communities, as our 3 projects focus on improving life in Ghana, Uganda and Kenya.

Meet the team


Thomas Tweddle

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Team Leader


Kenzia Fernandes 

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Supply Chain Strategy & Distribution


Arushi Bajpai 

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Marketing Director


Ayman Sayed

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Finance Director


Alexandra Marie Medrano

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Public Relations and Communications

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Aaliyah Javed

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Public Relations and Communications

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