Foodprint is Nottingham’s first social supermarket and a surplus food redistribution network.

Foodprint take food that supermarkets would otherwise throw away, but which is still good to eat, and sell it at discounted prices in their volunteer-run store in Sneinton. This saves food from landfill whilst ensuring everyone can afford nutritious food. Revenue from the shop subsidises their redistribution network, providing food to a number of local community partners, including homeless shelters, food banks and school breakfast clubs.

Since opening in December 2017, Foodprint have diverted over 48 tonnes of food from landfill, preventing the release of almost 203 tonnes of CO2. In addition, their redistribution network has enabled the team to impact almost 750 individuals each week.


More recently, the redistribution network has expanded and there has been a series of new projects within the team. These have been ‘Foodprint on Wheels’ and ‘Dried Apple Smiles’ both of which have aided the Foodprint mission to provide affordable, nutritious food to more people, whilst saving food from being wasted.

The Sustainable Development Goals which Foodprint tackle are no poverty, zero hunger, good health and wellbeing, decent work and economic growth, reduced inequalities, responsible consumption and production, in addition to climate action. Once in landfill, food waste breaks down and emits greenhouse gases, contributing to a negative effect on the environment. Therefore, by reducing food waste, Foodprint are having a direct impact on climate change. Furthermore, by providing affordable food at their social supermarket and through redistributing food to vulnerable individuals, they help many people get access to the essential food they require. Foodprint also upskill the store’s volunteers through their empowerment scheme, enabling them to utilise these skills effectively to gain further employment opportunities.

To find out more about Foodprint, please visit their website here.


Meet the team

Giada Boer

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Team Leader

Poppy Wood

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Team Leader

Amogh Kanvinde

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Data Manager

Farah Ravat

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Grants and Competition Manger


Head of Business Operations

Tia Mashini

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Head of Store Operations


Store Manager 

Zareena Kapadia

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Digital Marketing Manager 

Heading of Marketing

Louise Robillard

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Vehicle Operations Manager 

Shagun Dharnidharka

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Finance Manager

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Head of Supply Chain

Beth Plunkett

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Store Volunteer Recruitment Manager

Izzy Corlett

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Physical Marketing Manager

Olivia Thomas

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Supply Manager 

Charlie Palmer 

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Redistribution Manager

Anand Pancholi

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Mobile Supermarket Manager

Ramneek Kaur

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Volunteer Development Manager

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