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Bottle By Bottle

Bottle by Bottle is a not-for-profit social enterprise, who aims to provide safe and affordable housing to disadvantaged communities. Using a unique technique in which the bottles are filled with sand, tied together with string and then secured with mortar and wire, Bottle by Bottle have successfully built all the components necessary for a safe and impressive plastic bottle home.


It was founded to empower individuals, create business and make sustainable change possible. This is done in three stages:

The first stage - Bottle Filling. By employing members of the local community to fill plastic bottles with soil, sand and other plastic waste we are improving livelihoods as well boosting the local micro-economy benefiting the entire community.

The second stage - Building Houses. We work together with local construction companies to implement our sustainable building product, the bottle, at a cost significantly less than conventional building methods.

The third stage - Education. Our project is born from unsustainable plastic waste management, we invest our profits back into communities to ensure multi-level, continued environmental benefits.

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