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SANkofa SANitation

SANkofa SANitation exists to improve living standards across impoverished communities in Ghana, through providing empowering local people to become entrepreneurs.

Our risk assessment identified three clear challenges faced by Ghanaians in rural communities:

  1. The use of dirty cooking fuels, with charcoal being the main at home fuel source, contributing to 1 in 3 non-smoking females developing lung cancer.

  2.  Open deification - 1 in 5 Ghanaians do not have access to public toilets.

  3.  Average incomes in Ghana are only £4 per day, largely driven by the high dependence on agriculture in rural communities.

Our Briquette Programme

This exists to empower local communities with the skills to fight these injustices, as our biomass briquettes are an alternative to charcoal.  We have recruited 5 women from the community, who will be responsible for the manufacture and sale of the briquettes, empowering them with key skills such as book keeping. 

We also hope to launch a Wash programme, where we will go into local schools, and educate the children on the importance of good sanitation, as well as equipping them with key equipment such as reusable sanitary towels.  We have also built a toilet in the community, and hope to use that (and many more!) to produce fertiliser to sell to local farmers, improve sanitary facilities and improve agricultural productivity.

Through the implementation of these programmes, we hope to not just change the infrastructure, but also transform the community, through empowering local people to fight these injustices.

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