Harvest Hub focuses on sustainable poultry farming in Kenya. 


Chicken farming is a popular practice in rural Kenyan communities and has the power to increase a family’s income by at least 35%.  Additionally, the fresh eggs and chicken provide a steady source of healthy, organic and protein-rich nutrients and the fowl droppings are used to fertilise crops and yield a 25% harvest increase.

Our mission is to educate and enhance the skills of local community members through our training program that teaches business literacy skills. Educate local members and students on  entrepreneurial skills through governing the purchasing and selling of eggs and supplementary goods to reinvest back into the business. To empower women by selling them eggs at a subsidised price to give them an opportunity to sell to others and make a profit. Create a self-sufficient community that is environmentally sustainable by venturing to harvesting healthy produce that can be used as chicken feed. As well as using the chicken waste as an organic plant fertiliser. We aim to build strong partnerships with the communities we work with and we believe that Harvest Hub will equip our chicken farmers with the skills needed to not only grow the business, but further invest in their community. 

​So far we have constructed the relevant infrastructure for the chicken farm, provided educational support material through the provision of our empowerment guide translated into Kiswahili and English that covers core concepts of business practices with topics. In addition to mentorship from industry experts to help increase the skills of locals to achieve better quality of life and enhance employability. 

The Sustainable Development Goals which Harvest Hub tackle are quality education, gender equality and sustainable cities and communities. The current education system is limited to a curriculum that hinders young people to explore skills that are enable them to be entrepreneurs. Harvest Hub tackles quality education through using our personalised training program to teach young volunteers additional on- the-job training of how to run a small business and use to enhance learning through real experiences. 


The long-term objective of Harvest Hub is to grow our own produce to act as a healthier, cheaper alternative to commercial chicken feed. This plan is in conjunction with using the waste from the chicken to create chicken manure as an organic plant fertiliser to increase the richness and nitrogen in the soil used for our produce. Creating this self-sufficient system ensures there is environmental sustainability by reducing the amount of waste produced. 

Harvest Hub aims to include women of the community as vessels for empowerment and outreach to the larger community.We will do this by empowering the local women by selling them eggs at a subsidised price to give them an opportunity to sell to others and make a profit. This will generate an extra income for them to be able to create a livelihood and provide for their families. It creates a sense of independence away from the man of the house who is stereo-typically viewed as the sole breadwinner in African culture.

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