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CodeX is a student-run social enterprise aiming to improve the employability of young people by teaching them to code. They create and teach inclusive courses in Python, one of the most widely used programming languages, that are suitable for people with ASC (Autistic Spectrum Condition). In a hope to inspire students to help meet the demand for a more diverse workforce in both the technology sector and the wider working world. These courses are delivered through online lessons, in person tutoring and in-school teaching, and schools are particularly advised to encourage girls to take part in their courses.

CodeX is at the impact stage of its development. They have previously delivered courses in 2 Nottingham schools and this year have launched their one-to-one online courses, in order to adapt to the current global health crisis. By providing an inclusive and accessible coding education, CodeX aims to simultaneously diversify the technology industry and close the employment gap between ASC and non-ASC individuals, as currently only 16% of adults with autism are in full-time employment.

The Sustainable Development Goals which CodeX tackle are quality education, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, and reduced inequalities. CodeX is committed to providing an inclusive coding education that is accessible for all, promoting the inclusion of girls in its school courses, and have previously run a course in a girls’ school, in order to tackle the under-representation of women in the technology sector. Courses are inclusive and accessible, and they offer price flexibility where possible, so that gender, race, economics and neurodiversity are not barriers to success, as CodeX believes that everyone should have equal employment opportunities, and are committed to tackling the employment gap for people with autism.

To find out more about CodeX, please visit their website here


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