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We are looking for enthusiastic, passionate and driven individuals to join our team, check out our local, international, commercial venture and innovation opportunities below.  Got questions?  Fill in our contact us form and we will be happy to help. 

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Local Projects



This person will use their excellent communication and negotiation skills to work directly with organisations from the largest national supermarkets to the smallest local charities. You’ll be vital to securing new suppliers to save more food from landfill, as well as adding new partners to our redistribution network to greatly deepen our impact on the local community. Day-to-day tasks will include maintaining exceptional relationships with our 15+ existing partners, and identifying and securing new strategic partnerships.


This person will have the drive and initiative to carve their own role in Foodprint’s innovative 10-strong team, leading on various projects as they arise. Thriving off variety, you could be organising a store revamp one week and launching a new community outreach project the next. The role will be built around your skills, experiences and interests (we’re even happy to change the job title!), so tell us in your application in which areas you’d shine.


This person will be in charge of the accounting and the financial planning for Foodprint, an

incorporated Community Interest Company. Opportunities for practical finance experience 

doesn’t get much better than this! Day to day tasks will include keeping track of all income and expenses to produce and analyse management accounts, implementing financial 

controls including around cash handling and producing financial models to guide business 

strategy. Some previous experience or training in finance is desirable but not required, and further training and external support will be provided.

Human Resource


Volunteers are at the heart of Foodprint and this person will be the involved in their recruitment and training and development as well as being key point of contact for volunteers. If you are a people person this is your ideal position! Working alongside our existing Human Resources Executive you will ensure continuous communication between the volunteers and the team and guide our volunteers from the moment they join until they decide to exit, allowing them to gain valuable skills in the process. You will also collaborate with the Volunteer Officers from the Students Union and local organizations to source volunteers. Day-to-day tasks include managing shift rotas, organizing inductions, and dealing with queries, concerns and feedback from volunteers.



This person will be the key to ensuring as many customers, volunteers and partners as 

possible get involved with all that we do. The role is incredibly diverse and depending on 

your particular skills could include aspects of social media management, photography, video 

production, graphic design, web development, media relations and event planning: you 

name it! Working alongside our existing Marketing Member, you'll be developing Foodprint’s much-loved brand on a local and national scale as the business expands. Day-to-day tasks could include creating content for our highly active social media communities, garnering media attention for new initiatives and getting the word out through physical marketing in the local area.

Mobile Supermarket

This person will lead on the launch and operations of Foodprint’s most ambitious expansion project to date: our ‘Foodprint on Wheels’ mobile supermarket. Hitting the road in March, it will travel to communities otherwise unable to access nutritious food, such as retirement villages. You’ll be central to helping Foodprint truly reach the whole of Nottingham and beyond. Day-to-day tasks will include gaining and maintaining partnerships with organisations to host the van, managing volunteers to operate it, and creating an experience that delights customers. A driving licence is required.


Client Acquisitions

Our Client Acquisitions Manager will be responsible for contacting new clients and will work with the Marketing Manager in order to tailor our marketing towards attracting certain clients.  This person must be comfortable speaking to businesses and emailing potential clients.  They must also be passionate about Codex and work well in a team community.


We are looking for computer scientists or anyone with coding skills, who are passionate about what they do and would be interested in creating lesson plans and other teaching materials which we use across our school courses and individual lessons. 



This individual will look after marketing and branding for Altrua, including but not limited to creating promotional material and maintaining the website. A creative individual that is also keen to get involved in all parts of this early stage business.


Will be the main contact in the team for external sponsors, care homes and other organisations through email, telephone and in person meetings. A confident individual with good communication skills that is also keen to get involved in all parts of this early stage business.

International Projects


Strategy and Implementation

This person would be vital in executing the projects we have developed with precision. This role may be for you if you are interested in seeing research ideas come to life. Also, if you are intrigued by using business acumen to reach long-term and mid-term goals. Day-to-day tasks will include checking team member progress to ensure that goals are met. Ultimately, you will be making SANkofa innovative and efficient.

Research Manager

This person would be vital in spear heading the research for our fertiliser program. This role may be for you if you are interested in learning how initiatives start and evolve through groundbreaking evidence. You will also take part in supporting other members in the work they do. Ultimately, you will be providing the drive to continue or innovate the current business plan. Training will be provided.



NutriGreens is looking for someone who can help us expand our research of plant based nutrition, how to grow them efficiently in the Ugandan climate as well as their nutritional impact on human health. The team is looking for someone with a background or passion for plant or human science, who is able to help us provide scientific research in the form of primary and/or secondary data of nutrition.

Local Development 

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals that share a passion in business. Most tasks will involve the start and development of a local business.


Qualities required may include:

Entrepreneurial skills

Organisational skills

Innovative mind



NutriGreens is looking for someone to take control of our Marketing activities. This person will manage all our social media accounts and keep them updated with progress on our project, any new or exciting news, and other general posts. This is vital to ensuring our Enactus partners, current business partners, and future colleagues are kept up to date with our progress and business. This role is also vital to helping us expand our business both locally and internationally, by acting as the face of the business to new prospect partners.

Harvest Hub

Marketing Associate 

Developing a marketing strategy in conjunction with team members and incorporating the use of social media and crowdfunding platforms as well as fundraising activities to promote business activity and create awareness and positive brand image online and offline.

Coordinating marketing campaigns with sales activities in international country and working alongside the finance director to keep in line with the budget.

Operations and Communications Associate

In charge of keeping the flow of information from home team to international partner consistent and clear through various platforms including Skype, email and messaging platforms. In charge of  keeping the project goals on track and ensuring team members receive relevant information about grants and funding opportunities. 

Will assist the team leader in ensuring that team members are on track to completing tasks and provide support where necessary, and actively participate in strategy formulation and risk management to improve productivity and efficiency.

Commercial Ventures

SENSE events


An individual who is confident with bookkeeping as well as producing simple financial projections and budgeting. Experience of studying accounting or accounting experience is preferred. This member will also take a lead role in developing and running events within the team.  


Someone who is confident, enthusiastic and good at building relationships. They will be required to secure partnerships and build relations with other societies and businesses across Nottingham. Events experience is ideal, but enthusiasm is more important.

Event Coordinator

Responsible for developing and running events. Have ideas for new events as well as willing to take on the events that SENSE currently runs. An enthusiastic and committed individual with a passion to build relationships with external stakeholders such as event partners and venues. Events experience is ideal, but passion and enthusiasm is more important for this role. 


Experience with marketing would be desirable for this role, particularly in building a social media following and designing content (Facebook and Instagram). This individual would run social media campaigns, the website, as well designing as leaflets, posters for various events. A creative and passionate individual, that will also have a lead role in even coordination.



We are looking for people with an interest in marketing, who will be responsible for creating content for our social media pages, helping to come up with new and creative ways to reach more customers, help design marketing materials and help run marketing events with or without the collaboration with other societies (also photography skills appreciated but in no way needed to be accepted and also the potential to run our website and have creative control over it too if that’s something they are interested in/want to learn about)


Local Innovation

General Team Member

A general team member in Local Innovation will be involved in the planning, design and implementation of activities to market. You need to be keen, confident and committed to the team and enthusiastic about providing ideas.

International Innovation

General Team Member

International Innovation have the opportunity for an enthusiastic individual to join a fairly new team, who are currently researching into new international project ideas for Enactus. There is the possibility to go down various routes, within a team open to new, exciting and innovative ideas. Main responsibilities will include researching into new/current problem areas, building relationships with potential partner organisations, and potentially being involved in the implementation of a new project!